All In for Our Children

"My desire to serve on the Orange County School Board comes from being a mom to two students in Orange County Public Schools, my dedication to advocacy and my proven business experience." 


As a passionate advocate for children and public education, Heather knows there is work to be done right here in District 1. The School Board needs an experienced leader who believes in the value of providing an excellent education to ALL students in Orange County! 


Heather values going above and beyond to help provide parents and school partners with greater access to information to make their own informed decisions about what is happening in their schools. As a result, when schools need additional resources, programs and support, the school and business community have come to her to help secure, implement and sustain initiatives for greater student success.


Students need to know that the adults in their life care about them so they show up, put in the effort and persevere. We can ensure we have the safest schools, most positive school climate and highest skilled workforce possible with a culture of passion to accomplish particular top-level goals.

My hope for my children...and all of our children is that you always have people in your life that are kind to you, encourage you, support you and make you feel safe and loved. I will do my best to be that person. And, I hope you are and become that person, too. I challenge us all to be our best selves!


Political advertisement paid for and approved by Heather Traynham for School Board, District 1.
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